EPMC is excited to engage with the following organizations. As consultants, we provide services and support to educational organizations, EdTech companies and school districts. Read more about the Services that EPMC provides and Contact us for more information.



Futuro Academy is preparing for its grand opening in the Fall 2017, and wanted to ensure its school was prepared to support 1-to-1 technology use. Futuro Academy turned to EPMC to support its E-Rate efforts. EPMC is managing their application process to give Futuro Academy a great technical foundation for its school's future. Through rigorous academics and personal excellence, Futuro Academy Public Charter School educates all K-8 scholars to excel in high school and the university of their choice. 

Learn more about this Nevada school at Futuro Academy Public Charter School.

On the verge of opening a new campus, Texas Spanish Academy is looking for new pre-school software to efficiently run its multiple locations. EPMC is researching, vetting, and evaluating pre-school apps to meet Texas Spanish Academy's needs. The mission of Texas Spanish Academy is to facilitate an educationally stimulating and safe environment where young children can develop cognitive, linguistic, physical, emotional, and social skills, while gaining experience speaking and understanding the Spanish language. The mission of Texas Spanish Academy is to facilitate an educationally stimulating and safe environment where young children can develop cognitive, linguistic, physical, emotional, and social skills, while gaining experience speaking and understanding the Spanish language. 

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Seeking to expand the participation of Austin regional educators, EPMC is working with Edtech Austin to generate new Edtech related topics, organize satellite meetups (outside the downtown Austin area), and reach out to local districts for new participation and discussion. In 2016, EPMC organized two successful meetups: 

  • Getting the School Year Off to a Great Start with Technology
  • Understanding Data Privacy in K12

In 2017, EPMC is planning additional satellite meetups to increase the participation and presences of educators in the Edtech Austin discussion.

Read up on the latest Edtech Austin Meetups.

EPMC is assisting The Public Tutoring Initiative with business development and reaching even more students. The Public Tutoring Initiative provides access to an excellent, proven successful test prep course to any student desiring to improve on the ACT®, at an affordable price and easily available.  EPMC supports the Public Tutoring Initiative's mission to make access to college easier, by giving away a free course scholarship to a needy student for every purchased course enrollment.

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EPMC is providing consulting services and education expertise to Austin based startup DiscoverSTEAM. DiscoverSTEAM aims to connect high school students with corporations through Project Based Learning using real world, hands on experiences. The IGNITE platform will provide classrooms the ability to communicate with industry experts and an easy way for teachers to manage groups of students working on projects. DiscoverSTEAM will pilot the platform during the Summer of 2016 with two high schools. DiscoverSTEAM is also participating in the SlowPItch Summit at SXSWedu (March 2016) with EPMC supporting and co-presenting.

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March 2017: SXSXedu
Mentor Program, One on One Sessions

The mentor program at SXSWedu facilitates one-on-one meetings between experienced professionals like EPMC and curious attendees. We'll be answering questions on a range of topics including education market research and business development, enhancing EdTech solutions, educators' expectations, successful implementation ideas, and the need for project management in education.

Learn more about the Mentor sessions or follow @SXSWedu for more information.

November 2016: 3rd Annual College for All Conference
Closing the Equity Gap in College Access and Test Prep, Presentation

Affluent students have utilized private tutors to improve test scores on standardized tests for years, services that first generation students from low socio-economic backgrounds typically don’t have. With that access, underserved students and their families could save valuable time and money, by avoiding costly remedial courses, qualifying for scholarship opportunities and achieving acceptance into top tier schools. EPMC in partnership with Public Tutoring Initiative founder, Mauri Artz, will share experiences and expertise in finding ways to close the equity gap.

Learn more about the College for All Conference or follow @PSJAISD for more information.

October 2016: 13th Annual ALAS Education Summit: Leading and Learning in a Digital Era
E(t)LL-EdTech Language Learning: Decoding EdTech Vendor Speak, Presentation

With the explosion of EdTech offerings, educators are hearing from vendors that use “education buzzwords” or new EdTech phrases in an effort to make their products more appealing. How can you be certain that a vendor is “speaking your language” and truly understands your district’s specific goal and needs? Understanding the EdTech language will ensure you find the right EdTech for your students. EPMC will review key EdTech phrases and trends to help decode the information and help your instructional and purchasing decisions. (Conference Dates: Oct. 12-15, 2016)

Learn more about the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (ALAS) or follow them at @ALASEDU

August 2016: iPadPaloozaSTX16
Los Educadors v. Los EdTech Vendors, Presentation

In line with this year's Techno Libre theme at IpadPaloozaSTX16, EPMC will be presenting "Los Educadors v. Los EdTech Vendors," a session aiming to assist those making EdTech decision for their whole school or district. We will share best practices for researching, selecting, and testing EdTech options. With a basic understanding of how EdTech vendors speak and work, decision makers can more objectively and strategically evaluate EdTech offerings for the best fit. (Conference Dates: August 4-5, 2016)

Learn more at iPadPaloozaSTX16, or follow them at @iPadPaloozaSTX.

July 2016: Capitol Factory: Epic Office Hours
A collective effort of EdTech Austin, Capital Factory and SXSWedu, Epic Office Hours was held on July 19, 2016. EPMC was honored to be asked to participate as a mentor for this event. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs, active angel investors, CEOs, and venture capitalists from the Austin area EdTech industry mentored as well. As a mentor, we met and advised individuals at various stages in their EdTech startup.