Our Story

After many years of developing our skills, gaining knowledge and working with school districts, we've decided to take those experiences and follow our passions. Throughout our careers, one thing has remained at the forefront - helping schools do their best work in helping students succeed.

Education Project Management Consulting (EPMC) was founded by professionals, with a unique track record in the education space. We came together after many conversations around our professional careers serving K-12 entities. In past roles, we periodically found ourselves in situations where we wanted to provide a district information and guidance beyond our defined, vendor roles. With the rapid changes happening in the EdTech startup world, digital content, and district demographics, we saw an intersection of experience that we felt would contribute to educators' success. If we can assist you with better data driven decisions, choosing a vendor that is the best fit for your district needs, or even provide insightful information for your analysis, then we know we're helping you to achieve your goals.


Among many of Daniel's gifts is that of staying abreast of developments in the field of Education Technology. Daniel is very resourceful at gathering critical information for strategic decisions and synthesizing it to inform business development. A quality that I most value is Daniel's pragmatic, analytical and deliberate decision making skills. When Daniel comes to the table, he comes informed and with thoughtful reasons for his recommendations and actions. -- Principal, Elementary School

Patricia Fowler is passionate about education, particularly the areas of early childhood learning and college access and readiness. She looks forward to working with districts and helping them to achieve their goals. Managing projects, writing proposals, presenting, analysis and research are all areas where she can assist a district. Patricia brings years of experience in education and project management, working with districts as a thought partner.

Patricia is a former classroom teacher, having taught both fourth and second grade in public and private schools. Upon leaving the classroom, Patricia worked for a start-up assessment company, implementing software and managing projects for one of the largest districts in the country. She has been a certified Project Management Professional for nearly 10 years. Over the years, Patricia has managed projects for school districts of various sizes across the country in the areas of assessment, content and SaaS. Patricia earned a B.A. in Communications from the University of Pennsylvania and a Masters in Elementary Education from John Carroll University.

Contact Patricia- pfowler@educationpmc.com

"Working with Patricia on projects has been a true joy. A natural leader with a knack for details. Her organization and ability to "Think outside the box" puts Patricia at the top of the ladder. Her customer focus and quick response time helps ensure total success with implementations for software and services."
-- Vice President, Sales - EdTech, Assessment